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Bin Rental Made Easy.

We help you find a perfect bin for your home or office. All bins are leak-proof, simple and easy-to-use. Make your choice or contact us for help.

Bins for business and home. Monthly rent with low rates

We have different options! The delivery and assembly can be made on the same day, too. When renting our bins, you sort the waste easily, and we collect and recycle garbage on an ongoing basis.

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Delivery & Pickup 1 Tonne of Disposal 30 Days Rental
This bin in leak-proof and designed to handle all types of daily trash, like provisions, empties, cardboard casks, and so on. The bins control unpleasant odours and can be assembled in any place of your home - usually, it is made outdoors, on the path in front of the house or in the backyard. 

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Delivery & Pickup 2 Tonnes of Disposal 30 Days Rental
Whatever you business is, you definitely have some garbage to collect. This bin allows sorting and recycling waste of any type with zero efforts. This includes leftovers, cardboard, cellulose, glass and much more. Throw in the bin whatever you need, we've got you covered.

Somethin' Smaller?We Have a Solution!

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    Mobile Bin

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Delivery & Pickup0.5 Tonne of Disposal 30 Days Rental
You can put it wherever you want, and then change its place without our help. Sort all garbage from glass to bad food, and we will recycle it properly. The bins are totally leak-proof, easy to move, perfect both for home and office. They will take care of the junk!

Items You Can Recycle

Let's care for the environment together with WasteHeroes. Here are the types of junk we can sort and recycle within any of our specially designed bins.


Ream wrappers File foldersPoster board Frozen food boxes Cardboard boxes Milk cartons



Newspaper Envelopes Junk mail Phone books Brochures Magazines



Water bottles Take-out containers Soda bottles HDPE LDPE Shrink Wrap

Aluminum + Metal

Aluminum cansFood cans Scrap metal Ferrous MetalsNon-Ferrous Metals E-Waste



Beverage containersGlass food jarsEmpties Doll's glassware Glass blocks Mirrors

Other waste

Obsolete InventorySingle Stream Gaylord Boxes Batteries Mercury Woodware

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